Mountain Park Ranch is located in the heart of the horse-country USA where our brood-mares can be bred to the best stallions in   the quarter horse industry.

       A very important part of our breeding program is to watch which bloodlines work best together and then carefully choose the matching stallion for a mare. 


     Our goal is to produce the best quality in little quantity. In order to give our horses the most possible attention, we keep a select amount of brood mares..


     All our mares have a good depth in their pedigree and many of them are money earners or produced money earning offspring. The brood-mares are turned out practically during their whole pregnancy and we only stall them at night the last few weeks before their due date. On one side that is the best way for us to observe them and on the other side, given the opportunity to rest and lye down in a secure environment, they recover much quicker after birth. Also this is an excellent occasion to to treat the babies at the first signs of foal diarrhea.



  A very important point for us is the nutrition. Every horse is treated as an individual and therefore gets its proper diet, vitamins and supplements. For our yearlings, for open mares as well as for young stallions and injured or ill horses, there are our top facilities, where every stall has an attached outside run.


All the babies get handled at a very young age.

By the time they are ready to be trained, this handling turned out to be the key to a smooth slide into their future.

                                                               The young colts get their feet picked up and trimmed regularly. They know the horse shoer as well as the dentist and lern not to fight them. The round pen, the water hose and the wash rack are part of their daily routine. They learn being tied up and patient while having a saddle on their backs. Along with this handling they also learn how to respect humans.

                           All this makes their future life and the next owner's or trainer's life much easier.